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Hotel Metropole in Geneva

The Pearl of the Lake

Geneva’s always been a very special place for the world and personally for me. Besides the many political ways Switzerland has remained a neutral territory through the World Wars and conflicts, Swiss geography predetermines it to be a European centerpiece with Geneva as its crown jewel. 

We could speak for days about the many amazing qualities Geneva possesses - the hidden restaurants, the gorgeous lake and fountain views, the cobblestones lit in different language greetings in the main square. But in this New York Minute, I’d like to focus on, in some way, the best part of Geneva - the true spirit of Swiss hospitality in this town. I have good friends in Geneva and on my many trips here in the past, I’ve always had the pleasure of staying with them. On this December adventure, however, I needed to be central and my hotel of choice was Hotel Metropole. 

This is not just any hospitality, this is Swiss hospitality.

This grand and historic Geneva hotel was founded in 1857 and stands right on the bank of Lake Geneva. This quintessential Swiss property carries many fascinating and interesting appeals - the beautiful lobby bar cheekily named the Mirror Bar (as all we really do at bars is look at one another), the vast suites with lakeside view (one such suite that I was residing in was just divine), and interesting decor with the lobby outlining the historic appeals and rooms featuring a more modern design (with Geneva’s maps on the walls). But the one particular appeal that differentiates this property from many other grand and beautiful city hotels in Geneva or outside - is the service. You don’t know great service until you truly experience it. When the valet goes out of his way to park his car in the closest entrance to your room and in a complimentary spot, when coffee flavors for the Nespresso machine are selected as per your preference, when the concierge not only hands the phone numbers of the places you require but becomes your second hand in executing your city needs, when the hotel house phone becomes a city guide and a worldwide complimentary calling device, and when the hotel managers leave a personal note greeting you in their lovely city - this is not just any hospitality, this is Swiss hospitality. 

Geneva | Switzerland | Swiss | Hotels

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Breakfast in a Swiss Paradise

Breakfast spreads to match the service.

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