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Roaring 20s all over again in the greatest city of all time

2020 NYC Hit List

by Anjelika Kour

Some new, some old - but all an absolute hit. The ever-changing New York City restaurant & bar scene is on it's new era of evolution - with natural wine bars, newly found champagne appreciation, and a botanical approach to food preparation all coming into the spotlight. 


Elegant Eastern European-inspired dishes with quite a becoming wine list. Interior, nostalgic of Bouley with a little mix of Cou Cou & New-York-French-brasserie - but less Augustine, more Lafayette vibe. Wall art, reminiscing of the good old - Goldbar! 💀

Special Club

Ultra cool hidden Japanese jazz club in Soho named after the exclusive designation of champagnes - Special Club.

La Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels

When you man EIGHT solid pages of champagne in small font you know this must be the place. 🍾 P.S. Compagnie is the reason city of New York's restaurants have such a hard time getting their hands on Jacques Selosse (the bar simply buys out the numbered, highly-coveted stock before anyone else).


A champagne bar like no other in the heart of the West Village featuring a uniquely impressive champagne list, simple menu with fine execution, and a grand bathroom "art" piece not to be missed.


Elegant caviar speakeasy on the Upper East Side. The most intimate locale for the best of caviar-filled romantic encounters.


Another gem from the restaurant genius of Danny Meyer and the amazing folks over at the Union Square Hospitality Group. This time on the 60th floor of a Downtown Manhattan skyscraper (in the very-happening Financial District), this restaurant will wow you with views for days and dishes to remember. Buttery escargot paired with pork sausage, foie gras on a bed of duck rillette, squash & cherries, and mushroom bone-marrow scallops - are just a few of the amazing divine inventions (& interventions) you will find on this swanky prix fixe menu. Make sure to pop into the Bay Room for a drink on days you are not dining at the exquisite establishment or before/after the fact.

TWA Hotel

Enjoy the golden age of aviation at this original 1960s Saarinen-designed flight terminal at JFK. Dive into the plush sunken lounge in the lobby, enjoy the stellar Gerber Group drinks served inside of a 1939 Constellation airplane parked out back coined the Connie by Howard Hughes himself & don't forget to checkout the plane-spotter paradise pool on the roof (open year-around with 95 degree heating in wintertime). And then - come fly with me ✈️


A secret bar hiding underneath one of the greatest meat joints in town (Michelin-starred Cote restaurant), featuring the largest selection of Special Club champagnes in the United States. Each day the Sommelier - Daniel Ng - selects a new bottle to be enjoyed by the glass in this chic darkness. 🥂

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