Top 20 Travel Films of All Time

What to do when travel's not an option? 🤷🏻‍♀️ #coronaproblems

by Anjelika Kour

The list is much longer & of course missing all the 24 wonderful seasons of Bond. But it’ll hold you off & excite you for years of travel to come as we overcome this difficult & uncertain time we’re currently in.

1. The Beach

Definitely TOP of mind. If you haven’t seen this absolute classic - re-think your film priorities NOW. The Beach will take you away into South East Asia, making you question your everyday reality (if the Coronavirus hasn’t already) & make you long for those humid island getaways we all took for granted just a few short months ago. 

2. Eat. Pray. Love.

Coming from not a chick flick fanatic - this chick-infused Julia Roberts classic will not give you double, but triple cashback on all your missed travel plans. India, Italy 🙏, Bali - Alléz! 
Anjelika's Eat. Pray. Love. - Bali Feb, 2018

3. Under the Tuscan Sun

For someone not a chick flick lover - third on the list comes another girl favorite about a divorcee seeking to reinvent herself in a Tuscan Villa.
Asian Italian - Hong Kong Jul, 2009

4. Paris Je T'Aime

A romantic art film romanticizing love, human connection, & most importantly - our one & only global trésor - Paris . 

5. Private War

A 180 from the other feel-good films on this list, Private War tells the story of the brave Marie Colvin, war journalist traveling the globe in search of truth & storytelling from the frontlines. She lost her life searching for the truth & telling the untold. This film is a beautiful celebration to her important contribution in our history & lives while seeing the Middle East along with other parts of the world through a different perspective. 

6. It's All Gone Pete Tong

Take a ride on the wild side with Mr. Frankie Wilde. Although IAGPT wouldn’t classify as a straight-up travel film - it does give you a pretty deep tour of Ibiza & all the wildness it entails at its finest. One of the finest mockumentaries ever made & would make my top 10 films list of all time. 
Ibiza - May, 2013

7. Kingdom

A hard truth geo-political film so gripping, that I often play the animated opening at parties for folks of all political views. A good look at Saudi Arabia & its politics of oil, power & money.

8. Lucy

A Luc Besson classic not directly addressing the travel subject per se, but a sci-fi Asian drug transportation gone wrong - or right? Watch this movie & widen your horizons. Never met anyone who hasn’t enjoyed this. Especially considering the mesmerizing performance by Scarlett Johnson.

9. Chocolate

Another romance drama about a vagabond single Mom with a knack for being the most appetizing chocolatier I’ve seen on screen. Do not watch this movie on a diet. Or without a good box of chocolates nearby. 

10. Anna

The latest of Luc Besson’s edition brings us a badass Russian super-spy special. Opening scene: Red Square in Moscow. Following scene: modeling agency in Paris. Enough said. 

11. Transsiberian

A chilling horror-like film about the most adventurous train journey across the East. Check my Instagram @globalnewyorker to get a glimpse of my personal experience aboard the legendary route. 
Transsiberian Express from Siberia to Beijing - Jan, 2018.

12. Midnight in Paris 

Travel not only to Paris with its vast museums & exhibitions, but also in time to the roaring 20s with all its glitz & glory. Meet Hemmingway, Fitzgerald, Dali, & Bunuel. Meet jazz & Cole Porter. Transport & transcend. Midnight in Paris is arguable one of the best Woody Allen works, especially of recent years' time. Absorb, but stray from turning into a pseudo-intellectual! 😉
Paris - Dec, 2012

13. Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Another Woody Allen favorite will take you on an alternative adventure of lust, wanderlust, and Spanish guitar. 

14. Everything Is Illuminated

Travel doesn’t always come from the need of future memories but sometimes from the need of uncovering one’s past. EII is a special tale of a man’s journey into his ancestry, what it means for him, for those involved, and our history. Sometimes a journey outward & inward can be much of the same. If we don’t remember our history, we are always deemed to repeat it. Solid 10/10 for this unique film derived from a novel of the same name. 

15. Taken

A very different & chilling part-reality you wouldn’t want to experience first hand. Human & tourist trafficking is a harsh reality although much dramatized in this horror thriller. Not for the easily spooked. 

16. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

In the famous words of Baz Luhrmann’s 1997 commencement speech, “you too shall get old.” This feature takes us through a story of a group of British retirees taking their elderly years in the unexpected of locales - India. Showing all of us that love & new beginning cannot only come at any age but in any setting. 

17. Before Sunrise & Sunset & Midnight

A classic travel trilogy that is a must on the list, but wouldn’t be my first choice. Although favorite of many apart from myself - the romantic tale definitely brings reminiscence to my many sleepless nights walking around Paris contemplating life, society & future (sans the Coronavirus). 

18. Eurotrip

With every European cliché exploited to the max. This hilarious cheesy comedy will bring laughter to any quarantine or fun movie night & Scotty Doesn’t Know!

19. Hostel

Not for the weak of heart - this chilling & gruesome horror trilogy is going to make you happy to be quarantining over the Coronavirus & canceling your travel plans (voluntarily or otherwise). 

20. Tokyo Story

Ozu’s famous look into a Japanese everyday reality of the 70s. Slow but ultimately amazing. Must watch for any true film buff across the globe. 

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